Capital Resources

capital resources funding

Capital Resources Funding

Zeigar Inc. is here to help companies achieve the basic, comprehensive funding needed for growth and expansion. Our team comprises of experienced scholars who will study and process every transaction to a positive conclusion. We have created our operational model to stand out from the rest by accommodating a pricing pattern which is beneficial to all the credit levels (A, B, C and D credits). With this model, we can provide more funding options for our clients.

We give your business an easy access to funding

  • 100% Finance Programs
  • Domestic and Foreign Government Bonds
  • Global Business Financing
  • Business Note Purchasing
  • Medical Receivables Factoring
  • Start-Up Programs
  • Refinance & Consolidation Programs
  • Most industries accepted
  • Most equipment types accepted
  • Micro, Small and Mid-Ticket Financing
  • Working Capital Programs
  • Leveraged buyouts (LBO’s)
  • M&A Financing

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