The Zeigar team helps companies in solve the most complex problems in strategy and innovation as well foreign countries to attract foreign direct investments.

Foreign Governments Advisory

Securing investment opportunities has become quite competitive with the states and cities. Every government is striving to create an awareness of its resources and opportunities to attract meaningful investment. This is done by propagating promotions and adverts mostly targeted at specific industries. There is a need to stand out from the rest in this race, but this might be a difficult achievement without the right strategies.

Agencies tasked with propagating investment opportunities should understand the effective ways to respond to the evolving markets where the emerging markets are bringing in more investments and the increasing need to enhance the positive sides of the various investments moves like mergers and acquisitions. Also, these changes have brought about an increase in the operational costs required by these agencies to achieve their goals.

We Can Offer The Following Services

  • Create and develop an attractive investment package that highlights the areas of profitable investments.
  • Develop and project the positive aspects of your location to specific investment companies and groups in the most effective way.
  • Identify the most likely investors and woo them with the most attractive selling points.
  • Enhance the productivity of your employees with specialized and customized training programs tailored to the nature of your business.
  • Ensure that investors are happy and willing to put in more investment in your location.
  • Increase the ability of your agency to carry out successful investment promotion, attraction and retention campaigns.

You Stand To Benefit In The Following Ways By Working With Zeigar Advisory

  • A professional evaluation of the factors considered by industries when making location decisions.
  • Networking with the top stakeholders and specialists in the industry from around the world.
  • Updated information on the factors that influence investment drive and location trends.
  • The advantage of an extensive and valuable experience from working with world-class investment promotion agencies.
  • The best tools and strategies essential to promote performance and productivity.
  • A well-trained team proficient in handling challenges with the assurance of a positive outcome.

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Innovation Consulting

Zeigar Innovation uses a combination of professional evaluation methods to study the disruptive forces in the industry and extensive experience in this field to create and develop better ideas and products, effective business models and progressive relationships that will be crucial in the transformation of firms and organizations in ways that they can attain better positions to tackle current and future problems

Business Strategy Consulting

Crucial market-oriented strategies can be developed with the use of knowledge received from the market trends. This includes evaluating the target customers and industry segments, the aspects of the services that will meet the customers’ demands, competitive pricing with a reasonable profit margin, competitive edge to stay ahead of the competition. Organizations that stay ahead of the competition have clearly identified goals and effective strategies through which these goals will be achieved