Grow International Markets

with Zeigar Capital Export Funding

Often small and mid-sized businesses are not able to finance foreign sales because lenders do not consider foreign accounts receivable to be eligible collateral. Zeigar capital offers an Export Finance Program that augments a company’s existing lines of credit by providing working capital to clients with foreign transactions. As a result of the Export Finance Program, open account terms can be offered to foreign customers.

Zeigar Capital works with members of Factor Chain International, a 400-member consortium of banks and commercial lenders in 90 countries. Through Factor Chain International’s members, Zeigar Capital is able to provide to clients the credit, accounts receivable management and collection services necessary for sales to foreign customers.

Who can benefit from export financing?

  • Companies expanding into international markets
  • Companies growing more quickly than their available credit lines can accommodate Companies needing to increase lines of credit
  • Companies lacking resources to credit qualify, administer and/or collect accounts receivable of international customers.