Invoice Factoring Services

If you’re looking for working capital for your small business, we can help. If bank financing just isn’t an option for your business, we can help there too. Also, if your clients exist in the commercial or governmental sector with premium credit ratings but take a bit too long to pay, we are here for you.

Our invoice factoring services can be the fuel for your business. We offer advances for up to 90% of your accounts receivable accounts once your service or work is completed. No longer do you have to wait for the cash flow your business needs. Get fast and efficient cash for your accounts with our invoice factoring. Stop waiting up to 75 days for payment. Keep on track with payroll, taxes, suppliers, and materials with our help.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring is also known as receivable factoring. It is a financial transaction regarding debtor finance where any sized business can sell their accounts receivable to third party companies like us for a discount. When businesses require cash fast, they often turn to receivable assets to get the cash they need. If you are looking to avoid credit risk, then invoices might be the best option for you. Learn more about what invoice factoring is, here.

How It Works

  • You have B2B or B2G invoices to offer for fast cash.
  • We verify the creditworthiness of your clients and their relationship with your business.
  • We give you same day cash by paying you up to 80-90% of your open invoices.
  • In roughly 60 days, your client will pay us and we give you the balance after our fees.
  • Get unlimited working capital with our services as much as you like!